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We offer a variety of photography services for businesses, families and models. For more information on these services or to build a package that is specific to your needs please feel free to email us. For models, we do offer portfolio management/development deals, the costs involved in these deals vary depending on the experience of each model, the overall scope of the project and of course the time it requires.

*** Please note that we only wish to work with professionals, and as an established or aspiring model we expect that you conduct yourself in a professional manner when dealing with business on or off set, our reputation is on the line as much as yours regardless of where you are in your career. Any actions that are viewed as counter productive to our efforts will be viewed as a violation. We take this very seriously and failure to abide by this will result in termination of any and all agreements.*** If you feel that we have what it takes to provide you with what you need for your career, you are welcome to email us to discuss further.

-LoveLost Photography.

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